Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Monrovia Nursery

Mounds of royal purple cover big bushy plants that bloom well into frost-free autumn weather. Easy-care addition to shrub and perennial borders or in roomy pots. Combine with other asters for a multicolored effect. Herbaceous.

  • Manufacturer: Centerton Nursery

Tidy and compact mound of disease free bright green foliage bearing countless flowers of glowing magenta/red in late summer.

These lilacs are in full bloom in our warm greenhouses. This is an old variety we haven't had for awhile. "Sensation" Lilac is winter hard for us and has beautiful purple flowers with white edges.

We've got a good selection of smaller plants that are perfect for terrariums and fairy gardens.

If chrysanthemums are not your favorite fall flower, try our lovely fall asters. These come in pink, purple and blue tones and will bloom like crazy in the fall garden. These are perennial, so you don't have to plant them every year!

It wouldn't be fall without the gorgeous color of mums! We grow our own pots and have multiple sizes to choose from. Once they are done blooming in your pots, plant them in the ground. They are a perennial plant that will come back next season.