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Make Your Lawn Go Wild

You put so much effort into your lawn, but sometimes a lawn just goes bad anyway? This spring, try landscaping your lawn with beautiful wildflowers, flowering ground cover, shrubs, plants and lush herbs. This low-maintenance landscaping may be the answer to your lawn problems.

How and when to dethatch your lawn

Dethatching your lawn can sometimes be a rough process for your lawn to handle but sometimes it is a necessary one. Here are some ideas from Dawn West from All About Lawns to let you know how and when you should think about dethatching. Thatch is not always a bad thing, but it will be soonAny amount less than 1/2 Inch is not a bad amount of thatch. It has the ability hold in moisture during times of drought and high heat.

Choosing & Using Spreaders

No matter what kind of lawn products you use, their performance depends in large measure on the quality of the spreader that you use to apply them. A poor-quality spreader often leaves missed streaks or patches in the lawn where the material is either not applied, or is applied at the wrong rate.

Fertilizing Your Lawn brought to you by the Scotts Company

There are four major considerations in selecting a lawn fertilizer. 1. The Analysis 2. The Nitrogen Release Rate 3. Granule Content 4. Results How to Select a Lawn Fertilizer1. The Analysis This indicates the percentage (by weight) of the three major nutrients in a fertilizer: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The analysis is printed on the front of every fertilizer package, as shown here.