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Savory Saltine Seasonings

Savory Saltine Seasonings


Don't overlook the tasty Savory Cracker mixes that are so easy to grab and go! East River Nursery has so many flavors for you to choose from!

Available Flavors:

  • Original:
    Original flavor is the most popular.  It has a bold, unique taste – without being too hot or spicy.  Most often described as “AMAZING!”.
  • Garden Dill:
    The subtle hints of lemon, vinegar and dill combine to make this lightly tangy and refreshing dill flavor. Garden Dill is a great flavor to serve with fresh vegetables and also compliments seafood.
  • Texas Chipotle:
    Texas Chipotle is a bit “spicier” than our Original, but the perfect balance of smoky heat and bold flavor. The mild chipotle pepper mixed with special seasonings create this distinctive smoky flavor.
  • Sweet Bar-B-Q:
    This great combination of Savory seasonings create a bold, unique  flavor – without being too hot or spicy.  The newest Sweet Bar-B-Q has some sweet and sass rolled into one.
  • Low Salt - Original:
    The same great Original taste is now available with less sodium.
  • Twin Pack - Original, Texas Chipotle & Garden Dill:
    Each Twin Pack Box includes 2 of each: Seasoning, Oil and Mixing Bags. Now you have the choice to make 2 sleeves or 4 sleeves of crackers. Perfect for holiday gifts, travel and convenience. Just add a box of crackers and you have everything you need.


Please contact us for current pricing and availability.